C20 South West Regional Group AGM
30 March 2019 at High Cross House, Dartington

Nice to see a good turn out for the AGM at High Cross House on Saturday.

A full set of minutes will be available soon and they will be put on the web site.

Jon Wright from Purcell gave an excellent presentation on the work of William Lescaze and Robert Hening and how that linked to the design of High Cross House.

He went on to explain the current condition of High Cross House and what the proposals are to fully restore it to near original condition.

Work has started, the failed cavity wall insulation has been removed and the walls are drying out.    

Clearly the full renovation costs will be huge and the Dartington Trust, although very committed to the building does not have a bottomless purse. The full works may take a long time but at least a start has been made and the fabric is being conserved.

It was very encouraging to hear that a good team is in place and working to save this very important building.

Jon has prepared an excellent set of notes called Dartington Modern and a PDF copy of them is below.

Thanks to The Dartington Trust for letting us use the building and to Jon for all his support and hard work.

Dartington Modern

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