One of the aims of the C20 Regional groups is to act as the “eyes and ears” of the society looking out for buildings at risk and campaigning locally.



We are concerned at the proposed demolition of the Reel Cinema in Plymouth to make way for student accommodation.


There is a proposal to turn the Derry’s former department store into further student accommodation. The proposal includes adding an extra floor to the top of the building which gives us some cause for concern.


Colin Campell House. It is planned to demolish this art deco building as part of the proposed development of the area.

This building by Mr E G Catchpole, built in 1938, is the only surviving example of Art Deco architecture in Plymouth City centre. A former car showroom, it is a good typical example of the period, with its flat roof and original curved windows. The main elevation is elegantly articulated in a streamlined moderne fashion. We feel that Colin Campbell House should be listed as a unique example of interwar architecture in Plymouth City centre.


Catherine Croft, the C20 Society Director, joined us to take part in a discussion on the fate of  High Cross House on the Dartington Estate. This Modernist Building is now empty and in quite poor condition. The Dartington Trust are looking at a range of options for the future of this iconic building.