AGM for the year 2018

C20SW Region

C20 South West Region – Chairman’s Report for AGM 2018


Since the last Regional meeting in April the South West Group has only had two events, as our time continues to be taken up with meeting in Plymouth around the Conservation Area project and Civic Centre plans, more below.

In July we joined forces with the West Region for a two-centre visit to Hinkley Nuclear Power Station and the Bakelite Museum in Somerset.  A strict numbers limit for Hinkley meant we where an exclusive group but both visits were very worthwhile and we plan to return to Hinkley to see the controversial Hinkley C power station, which is under construction, some time in 2019.

In October we had a weekend in Newquay and the North Cornwall Coast which had a disappointing take up of only 20 attendees, nearly all from outside the area.  This was booked through the main Society event web page.  Despite the low numbers, and atrocious weather on the Saturday, it was deemed a very good weekend.  However given the amount of work that went into it, particularly all the effort of the organizer Robert Dowden, our committee has discussed the practicality of laying on a weekend event in the future, particularly so far west.  Perhaps events in Cornwall should be on a more modest scale and weekenders based more to the east of our region given that the principal uptake is from London and the Home Counties?

Future Events – we are supporting a screening of the film New Town Utopia at Plymouth Arts Centre on the 22 November, see the flyer included with this report.  For 2019 we are in discussion with John Grindrod about a talk and book signing, a members slide show and looking at a visit to Looe and Polperro.


The C20SW Committee continues to be involved in discussions about the historic environment in Plymouth, including the proposed Plymouth Conservation Area.  

Following the unveiling of plans for Plymouth Civic Centre by Urban Splash and Gillespie Yunnie architects in June, the Society Caseworker Grace Etherington has voiced concerns over the proposals, particularly the detailing of the glazing and the infilling of the space between the Civic Centre and the Council House. This has been passed on to the architects.

Although our application to list the former WH Smith on Boscowen Street in Truro (John Crowther Architects, 1963) was unsuccessful, we are monitoring proposals to insert windows into the mosaic external elevations, and the impact this would have not just on the building but the city’s conservation area.

At Jubilee Pool, Penzance, planning permission has been given to link the four pavilions on the roadside of this Grade II listed seawater pool. The proposals will allow for a more flexible use of the site but we are less happy about the proposed ‘wave-like’ roof, which is not in keeping with the Deco style of the pool.

The Theatre Royal, Plymouth is now Grade II-listed. This application was initiated by the West committee and followed up by the Society Caseworker, Grace. We were pleased to see that the city’s principal theatre (by the Peter Moro Partnership (1979-82) made the headlines alongside the 400,000th building to be listed in England!

Regional Operation. 

Our committee of 6 remains unchanged.  We continue to use our Facebook page, which has a following of 150+, and Twitter presence, together with our own website at



Treasurers report.

At the end of the year our bank balance was £830.60.

All our income is from events, generally we try to keep the cost of our tours as low as possible while making sure we cover all costs and add a little to reserves. A brief breakdown can be seen below. The exception this year was two screenings of New Town Utopia at the Plymouth Arts Centre. We have never hosted a film before initially we thought we could do the screening ourselves but the costs were huge so we worked with the distributor and PAC. We didn’t get income but we had some costs involved in publicity and we made a donation to the PAC Appeal as a good will gesture and it will make it easier if we want to do similar events in the future. 

The only regular out goings we have are web site costs (Domain name and hosting).

Summary of accounts Nov 17 to 31 Dec 18

C20 SW Region Accounts 

ItemIncome Expenditure584.56
Income from Hinkley point80.00
Income from Newquay267.6

Publicity costs (web site, NTU, pop up 
Misc costs 
Current Balance